Audi details Predictive Efficiency Assist system

Audi has released a new video in which they explain how the Predictive Efficiency Assist system works on the second generation Q7. The new software is capable of advising the driver when it’s recommended for the driver to start a coasting sequence without disturbing the other traffic participants. This indication appears in the driver information display or through a haptic signal such as a pulse sent to the accelerator pedal. The person behind the wheel also has the possibility to use the coasting capabilities of the ACC – Adaptive Cruise Control system.

Interestingly, Audi has announced they are working on a new technology called “iHEV” which upon activation will deactivate the engine when the driver lifts his foot off the gas and then it will be reactivated “smoothly and comfortably” by a belt-driven starter-generator. In such a car, the air conditioning, brake servo unit and power steering are electrified and take their necessary energy from a 48-volt electrical system.

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Audi has already conducted a series of tests with an A7 Sportback 3.0 TFSI iHEV and managed to save about 10% of fuel compared to the regular version. Sooner or later this will be offered for a production model as part of an enlarged portfolio of Predictive Efficiency Assist systems.

Adrian Padeanu

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