Audi details central driver assistance controller

Audi has released more details about their central driver assistance controller (zFAS) developed autonomous driving systems. Described as being the “mastermind” of the upcoming technology, it’s powered by high-performance processors and will be implemented in future Audi models “step by step in the foreseeable future.”

It was developed by Audi in collaboration with internationally leading technology partners such as nVidia, TTTech, Mobileye and Delphi who worked on various software and hardware components. Audi says they have selected Delphi as the future supplier of the system necessary for the zFAS electronics board which uses a wide array of sensors.

Audi central driver assistance controller
Audi central driver assistance controller

Audi says they will be the first automaker to implement such a function into a central domain architecture. The zFAS board comes a EyeQ3 mobile processor developed by Mobileye as well as with a Tegra K1 process created by nVidia. These two provide the necessary power for a complete electronics system tailored to a well-equipped mid-size car.

The central driver assistance controller has just about the same size as a tablet PC and uses a modular platform which means it can be adapted for various scenarios. Audi mentions they are also working together with Valeo, Dephi, Continental and Bosch on the sensors and actuating elements like braking and steering systems.

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