Audi Denver inaugurated as one of the largest US showrooms

The Audi Denver showroom for certified pre-owned vehicles was opened earlier this week and it represents one of the largest showrooms in United States. Located in Colorado, it features a large main showroom along with an Audi Certified Pre-Owned vehicle showroom that is also available as an event space for the public.

Audi Denver is located in the Denver suburb of Littleton and provides more than 76 thousand square feet of floor space with a main showroom that is 16,500 square feet big and can host no less than 17 cars. The aforementioned Audi Certified Pre-Owned vehicle showroom’s size stands at more than 9,500 square feet and can exhibit 12 vehicles.

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Audi Denver
Audi Denver

It’s also used as a meeting location for Audi Denver’s non-profit partners, such as the Children’s Diabetes Foundation and the American Diabetes Association. At this facility there is also a media wall incorporating an audio system as well as a small-sized catering kitchen for meetings and events.

The Audi Denver facilities include 34 service bays together with two in-ground alignment racks, a car wash, new shop equipment and four fully-staffed detail bays. The building’s design boasts extensive use of glass allowing the client to have a better look at the service facilities within the showroom. The showroom’s main wall was designed in such a way so that it mimics a racetrack and comes with gravel applied to the wall surface.

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