Audi denies plans for A8 Avant and minivan

In an interview with Automotive News Europe, Audi CEO Rupert Stadler said an A8 Avant won’t happen. Rumors about a wagon version of Ingolstadt’s flagship model emerged after the four-ring company showed the Prologue Avant concept back in March at the Geneva Motor Show, but a production version won’t happen as Audi says the market isn’t large enough for a big wagon.

He went on to specify that Audi is not planning to launch a minivan as they prefer to focus instead on the Q1 petite crossover scheduled to hit dealerships next year. In addition, Rupert Stadler said that if Audi were to make a production variant of the 2014 TT offroad concept, it would have to be based on the second-gen MQB platform so it will not be released prior to the end of the decade.

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Audi Prologue Avant concept teaser

What we might get in return is more Sportback-badged models as Audi is enjoying a great deal of success with the current crop of models and are willing to expand the portfolio with new additions. It should be mentioned that Volkswagen’s premium marque has plans to boost its portfolio from 50 to 60 models by 2020 as a measure to further boost sales and grab a bigger piece of the luxury segment.

via Automotive News Europe

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