Audi On Demand launches in Munich

Last Spring, Audi launched what it calls “Audi On Demand” in San Francisco. Audi On Demand is a program that lets premium customers basically rent almost any Audi in the model range from any airport where the program is available. So, for instance, if you register for the Audi On Demand program and you land in San Francisco, you can book the model you’d like from the mobile app and pick it up at the MyAudi Sphere at the terminal.

You can choose from nearly any Audi model, ranging from the A3 to the R8, and you can rent these cars hourly, with a one hour minimum, or daily and there’s no mileage cap. So far, the Audi On Demand program has only been available in San Francisco and 90 percent of users have claimed the program exceeded expectations. Now, though, Audi has launched a location at Munich Airport.

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First German location for Audi on demand
First German location for Audi on demand

So if you plan on traveling to Munich anytime soon and need to rent a car, check out the Audi On Demand app. You can book a brand-new Audi model and have it waiting for you at the MyAudi Sphere when you land. It’s as easy as going from the runway to the tarmac at you get to do it in a brand-new Audi.

Nico DeMattia

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