Audi debuts funny commercial during Presidential Debate

Last night’s first 2016 Presidential Debate was certainly interesting. It might have been the only one in history that could have also doubled as comedy. But we won’t get political here, that’s not our job. Our job is to talk cars. However, Audi decided to send a message for the viewers of the debate.

During the debate, Audi aired a pretty entertaining commercial, one with a message that isn’t immediately clear. At first, we see two people, one man and one woman, dressed up and beating the hell out of each other, but in reverse. It’s showing the fight in reverse, watching them zip around, with punches rewinding and shattered glass reassembling. The fight was of epic proportions, judging by the destruction and broken surroundings.

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But it seems as if they were fighting over some sort of ticket. It isn’t immediately clear what that ticket is. However, it must be important because these two are having a crazy, Mission Impossible-stlye fight chase over it. When the fight finally ends, or technically begins, we see they are valets and they were fighting over the valet ticket of an Audi RS7.


After that, the screen goes black with just text that reads “Beautiful things are worth fighting for”, followed with text that reads “Choose the next driver wisely”.

This is clearly a metaphor for the Presidential election, with the “Beautiful thing” being the country and the “next driver” being the next President of the United States. Now it makes sense that one valet was a man and one a woman, to represent the Presidential Candidates. It’s a good message and was delivered in a humorous and entertaining way. Touch√©, Audi.

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