Audi Debating Whether To Keep Fake Exhausts Or Not

Audi unveiled the 2021 Q5 with a well-thought-out facelift at the end of June, bringing several improvements across the board. That said, even diehard fans of the Four Rings were disappointed to see the luxury crossover still (stubbornly) had exhaust tips. The mid-cycle update has brought a new take on the exhaust finishers as they now feature a quad look on the S Line model. However, we’re still dealing with a faux setup since the tips are not connected to the actual exhaust.

An in-depth look provided by Autogefühl host Thomas shows the 2021 Q5 inside and out, with the reviewer addressing the exhaust issue from the 5:50 mark. Audi’s designers have found a way to make the tips look less fake because they now go slightly deeper than before, thus making the plastic that blocks them off less visible.

There’s also the issue with having “four” exhaust tips on a diesel Q5 that’s not even the SQ5, prompting some to say it’s overkill. That’s true taking into account the 40 TDI model featured in the adjacent video has only one functional exhaust. Interestingly, Thomas had a chat with Audi officials and they admitted they’re having ongoing internal discussions on whether they should stick with the fake exhaust theme or bring back a more honest setup.

It’s apparently an opinion-splitting subject as some would like to retain the current look while others would much rather make future Audi models revert to the real exhaust tips. As you may recall, the current-generation SQ5 was heavily criticized when it came out in 2017 due to its unusual exhaust setup, and we’re curious to see how it looks on the facelifted version.

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For the time being, Audi has only released images and videos of this Q5 40 TDI S Line model, but we’ll keep you posted once more photos will be published by the company. If you’re completely against fake tips, a possible RS Q5 will solve this problem by getting a pair of functional oval exhausts.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.