Should Audi make a high-end GT Coupe?

Audi, much like all other German car companies, is currently busy busting niches. It has a sedan, coupe, four-door coupe, SUV, crossover or coupe-like SUV for almost every single automotive segment on the market and it’s coming out with more. Cars like the Q2, Q4 and Q8 are helping with that. However, there’s one kind of car that Audi doesn’t have that both of its German competitors do — a high-end GT Coupe.

Mercedes-Benz actually has a few. There’s the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class, the S-Class Coupe and the Mercedes-AMG GT. All three are superb, high-end, two door grand touring sports cars. So the three-pointed star is no stranger to GT cars.

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BMW had the 6 Series Coupe and Gran Coupe but those are now gone, making way for the upcoming BMW 8 Series. The new 8 Series Concept has just debuted and looks beautiful. It will also come with an M8 variant that will be very fast and very exciting.

So both of Ingolstadt’s main competitors have some sort of GT. Audi does not. Should it though, should Audi make something to compete?

Traditionally, Audi hasn’t done a lot of coupes. There have been coupes over the years but the two-door car has never been a major staple of the four-ringed brand. Nevermind a big GT car. But Porsche never made an SUV or anything even close to one until it needed to. Might now be the time for Audi to venture into uncharted waters?

A Grand Touring (GT) Coupe is something that needs to be decently large, very luxurious, very high-tech, very fast and very good looking. Basically, it has to be something that can cross continents in luxury, speed and style. It also needs to be sporty enough to be enjoyable to drive on a twisty road, thought it doesn’t need to be a downright sports car. And it needs to be comfortable enough to spend tremendous amounts of time in, without being mushy.

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Audi Prologue concept

Something to compete with the BMW 8 Series and Mercedes S-Class Coupe by benefit the four-ringed brand at the moment. I also think that Audi currently has the design language to make a very pretty GT Coupe. With the new Marc Lichte-inspired face, a fat Quattro-inspired C-pillar and looks similar to the Audi S5, a modern GT car could be a huge success.

The first Audi Prologue Concept was exactly what I’m talking about. It was a stunning and exciting high-tech GT car. It would also be able to compete with the BMW 8 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe. There’s no real official info as to whether Audi will make such a thing or not. But we think it should.

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