Audi could team up with Rimac for all-electric Audi RS e-tron hypercar

It’s been rumored for some time now that the eventual Audi R8 replacement will be an all-electric supercar. However, now there’s word that the four-ringed brand might actually team up with a small, independent EV maker to help. According to this new report from Car Magazine, Audi has approached Rimac to help develop an EV R8 successor called the Audi RS e-tron.

For those that don’t know, Rimac is a Croatian maker of electric hypercars, most famously the Concept One that was featured on The Grand Tour and blew the hosts away. Rimac has also helped larger automakers before, such as Aston Martin, Jaguar and soon-to-be Bugatti, in some form or another. Porsche also purchased a small share of Rimac and is going to be using some of the Croatians’ tech in its upcoming Performance EVs.

According to Car Magazine’s sources, the Audi RS e-tron will be powered by a four-motor electric powertrain supplied by Rimac. The Croatians are also said to be supplying the batteries as well and the total power output is supposed to be around 950 hp, which is simply insane. The Audi RS e-tron will be able to get from 0-62 mph in 2.5 seconds.

Because this Audi RS e-tron isn’t due until around 2023/2024, it’s said that Audi will be using solid-state batteries for this upcoming hypercar. It’s supposed to be a 95 kWh solid-state battery pack with a 300-plus mile range. The car will be built on an aluminum monocoque chassis and will sport real-time torque-vectoring all-wheel drive.

Some enthusiasts might be a bit wary of seeing Audi work with such a small brand but Rimac has been one of the premiere makes of electric hypercars. So it should be comforting to know that not only will the Croatian brand help with some tech but it might actually help produce it. For cost reasons, some of the Audi RS e-tron will be built in the brand’s Bollinger Höfe plant in Germany, while the rest of it might be built in Croatia.

This is very exciting news and the this potential Audi RS e-tron sounds incredible. Obviously, this is all just a rumor at this point but we wouldn’t be surprised if it became a reality. Rimac has been helping Porsche, whom Audi is also working with on the e-tron GT. So we’re thinking that this report from Car Mag is likely accurate and we’ll see a very exciting Bavarian/Croatian hypercar from Audi in the next few years.

[Source: Car Magazine]
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