Audi could lend out its PPE Electric Platform to other brands

At the moment, there are two brands under the VW Group umbrella that will use the new PPE all-electric architecture to develop new EVs; Audi and Porsche. We’re sure other VW Group brands will use it in the future as well but, as of right now, just Audi and Porsche are slated to use it. However, execs in Wolfsburg are actually thinking about sharing with other non-VW Group brands.

According to this new report from Bloomberg, VW is currently in talks with other brands to share the PPE platform for future EVs. While there were no specific brands named, there are definitely other brands in said discussions.

“There’s definitely interest,” said Ulrich Widmann, head of development of PPE at Audi. “We’re having conversations. Sharing technology to generate scale effects is the only way to achieve the turnaround in electric cars, both economically and ecologically.”

Audi e-tron
The covered car teases a future PPE-based Audi e-tron product

The upcoming PPE all-electric architecture will be used on all larger EVs in the future. Currently, there’s no announced EV based on PPE, as the Audi e-tron GT and Porsche Taycan are both built on the bespoke J1 platform. However, Audi did just recently tease an upcoming A5 Sportback-sized electric car that will be based on PPE.

While no specific brands were named, Bloomberg analyst Michael Dean can think of a few likely suitors to share with Audi. “Given the huge research and development investment required for the transition to battery-electric vehicles, many smaller luxury names could be interested including Aston Martin, McLaren and Maserati,” Dean said. He also feels that both BMW and Mercedes-Benz could be in play to share with Audi as well. Though, we doubt that, as each brand has its own electric architecture to use.

This is very interesting because licensing out its PPE architecture for other brands to use can help Audi, Porsche and the entire VW Group increase profits on the architecture. Not only that but it helps the entire industry by allowing brands that can’t afford to develop their own architecture to jump into the EV game quicker and cheaper. So not only does it help Audi, as well as all of the VW Group, but it also helps move the entire industry forward. It will be interesting to see if this happens and, if so, which brands sign on to play nice with Zee Germans.

[Source: Bloomberg]
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