Audi considering RS Q5 and RS Q7 models

An Audi official has declared the Ingolstadt-based automaker is analyzing the prospects of coming out with RS Q5 and RS Q7 models. The only high-performance crossover with the RS badge Audi is selling right now is the RS Q3, but that might change in the future as Michael Berchtold, project manager for the Audi RS3 Sportback quattro, says the portfolio could be expanded with RS versions of the larger Q5 and Q7 models.

He says that it makes sense to come out with two additional RS Q models, but a final decision has not been taken yet. Berchtold went on to specify that RS Q5 and RS Q7 models “would definitely make sense globally”, thus hinting the crossovers could eventually gain a high-powered range-topping RS version.

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Audi RS Q3 facelift
Audi RS Q3 facelift

As a final note, Michael Berchtold said there are slim chances of seeing the Audi SQ5 in Australia, even though the model has proved to be a success in Europe so far. He also ruled out the possibility of seeing an RS-badged model equipped with a diesel engine as they believe it wouldn’t have enough global interest to justify the development costs.

Note: Audi RS Q3 pictured.

via caradvice.com.au

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