Audi Connect now offers Amazon Music, World Cup Ticker compatibility

Connectivity is becoming more and more important in luxury cars. Customers want to be connected to all of their different services and accounts even when they’re in their car. Audi is one of the market leaders in in-car connectivity and it’s just recently updated its Audi Connect system to offer two new features. Now, Amazon Music and a World Cup 2018 ticker will be available through the in-car Audi Connect system.

Amazon Music is a music streaming service that can be had through your Amazon Prime account and it gives customers access to 50-million songs and a variety of live broadcasts such as coverage of soccer games and other sports events. While Amazon Music customers could have just used their smartphone and played their music through the car’s Bluetooth in the past, Audi Connect now has direct Amazon Music compatibility, so you can access your account through the MMI system and play your music without ever touching your phone. You can even use the handwriting capability to search for a song. To access Amazon Music, though, customers must need two things — the latest version of the myAudi smartphone app and a SIM card in the car.

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Amazon Music streaming service at the portfolio of Audi connect: View of popular categories

The real exciting news is the World Cup Ticker, though. With the 2018 World Cup about to begin, football fans across the globe are getting amped. So Audi customers with the newest Audi Connect system will be able to get team news, match schedules, current scores, results and the standings even while on the road, right from their MMI infotainment system. That’s pretty awesome and it’s a feature that could expand to other sports in the future. If Audi ever makes MMI compatibility for NFL (American Football) games, I’ll buy a brand new Audi immediately.

As cars become more and more connected, traditional enthusiasts worry that cars will lose their connection to the driver. While that’s still a bit of a fear, features like these do make car ownership seem even more enjoyable.

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