Audi concept at LA show to preview 2017 A9

A new report indicates Audi will bring a concept to this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show which will serve as a preview for the highly anticipated 2017 A9. The show is set for November and it is believed Audi’s concept will be a stylish four door coupe that will be more than five meters long. It will ride on Volkswagen Group’s MLB platform and it will offer a preview of Audi’s upcoming design language.

It should be mentioned that in charge of design at Audi is Marc Lichte who was also responsible for styling the all-new Volkswagen Passat (B8). It is believed the concept previewing the 2017 A9 will adopt a “highly technical look” with an aluminum body, updated single frame front grille and laser headlights. Moreover, the overall appearance of the concept is described as bringing today’s Audi designs “to a whole new level.”

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This concept which will act as a first glimpse of the 2017 A9 will also boast a new version of the TFT customizable instrument cluster that made its debut onto the third generation A9. In addition, the vehicle will likely come with new connectivity features which will reach production cars such as the next generation A8 and the aforementioned A9.

via autocar.co.uk

Note: Unofficial Audi A9 pictured

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