Audi comes clean about its Nazi past

Audi has finally talked about one of the most horrible periods in the company’s history, during the 30s and 40z Nazi rule. Back in its Nazi past it was known as Auto Union and over the course of those two decades they employed thousands of slave labors for some of their assembly plants located in Bavaria and eastern Germany.

It is a known fact that one of Auto Union’s founders, Richard Bruhn, was actually a member of the Nazi party. Based on a study recently conducted and published by Martin Kukowski and Rudolf Bosch, Auto Union employed no less than 18,000 slave laborers at one of the company’s underground plant situated in Bavaria. Moreover, approximately 16,500 people were working at their factories in eastern Germany. Among those slave laborers were 3,700 concentration-camp inmates, while 4,500 of those workers passed away while working at the Bavarian plant.

It is important to mention that this historical study – which has 500 pages – about the Nazi past was commissioned by Audi to find out more about the relations between the company’s previous corporate and the Nazi regime. After discovering what really happened, Audi expressed its concern about the findings and they decided to provide compensation to any of the previous forced laborers that are still alive today.

via beforeitsnews.com


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