Audi clients in China are government bureaucrats, study finds

A new study conducted reveals that Audi clients in China are mostly associated with government bureaucrats. The analysis was developed by Hurun Research Institute from Shanghai and they organized focus groups and surveyed 800 luxury car owners in ten cities across China as a measure to find out the specific characteristics of owners of various different high-end marques.

According to the study most of the cars acquired by Audi clients in China belong to government bureaucrats, with Audi being the best-selling luxury brand in the country. The results have shown those who purchase a Mercedes-Benz are among the wealthiest while Infiniti customers have some of the lowest household incomes. As for BMW customers, these represent members of the new rich while for Lexus the study didn’t reveal any individual attributes associated with this brand.

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The study analyzed eight brands and also revealed that the average age of a luxury car owner in China is 33.5 years and the household annual income stands at 984,000 yuan ($160,318). Mercedes-Benz owners have the highest income at 11.3 million yuan while Infiniti owners are last place with 6.4 million yuan.

As a final note, the study conducted by the Hurun Research Institute found Cadillac owners to likely be white-collar workers, while Infiniti and Lincoln are likely to gain market share thanks to increases sales coming from first-time buyers.

via bloomberg.com

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