Audi claims its cars can’t be hacked

There have been several reports come out in the past few weeks, claiming that many, if not all, automobiles with advanced connectivity are susceptible to hackers.  A team of hackers set up an experiment to remotely control a Jeep Cherokee and, more recently, another hacker figured out a way to get into most automakers remote apps. These hackers claim that almost all automakers with advanced connectivity can have their systems hacked to some degree. Audi, however, disagrees that its systems can be compromised by outside intruders.

Hacked Jeep Cherokee
Hacked Jeep Cherokee

It isn’t just simple chest bumping by the engineers in Ingolstadt, however. Audi has been actively making sure that its cars are safe from hackers. To do so, Audi develops highly advanced encrypted internet systems and then pays companies to try and hack them. “Our internet systems are encrypted and when we think we are at the point where the concepts are right, we regularly pay people to hack them,” says Ricky Hudi, Audi’s Head of Electronics Department. Audi takes this very seriously, as Hudi goes on to say We pay companies to take our cars away to hack them, before they get to production. We give them our cars and say, ‘Take as long as you want, but please try to attack it, in whatever way you can.’ Basically we tell them they can use all ways available, including straight vandalism, to get access to control the car’s electronic systems. For what I can see, that’s the best way to improve security,”

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It’s clear that Hudi, his team and Audi as a company, are highly dedicated to ensuring its cars and customers are safe from any kind of hacking intrusion. He even explains that these hackers have taught him and his team quite a bit about defending other hackers and ways to keep them out. In fact, the idea of hackers being able to make their way into the systems of modern Audi’s is something Hudi took great exception to. This is not something Audi takes lightly.

2016 Audi S8 Plus

It’s good to see Audi taking extreme precautions, in terms of security. These hackers are becoming more and more prevalent and more and more dangerous. So it’s nice to know that Audi has our backs.

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[Source: Car and Driver]
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