Audi City Paris – Cyberstore helps customers digitally experience Audi

Audi has recently just opened its new Audi City Paris, a virtual cyberstore that allows customer to digitally experience the Audi brand and even build their dream Audi. This new Audi City Paris store is the fifth one of its kind in the world and is located on the Place du Marché Saint Honoré.

Audi City Paris
Audi City Paris

At this new flagship store, the entire Audi portfolio is available to experience, entirely digitally, including all optional extras and customization options.  Using the ceiling high megascreens, which cover a total of nearly 40 square meters (431 sq ft), potential customers can configure the Audi of their dreams from several hundred million possibilities. Through their photo realistic visualization, the so called “powerwalls” show the personalized Audi almost true to life – right down to the last detail such as the stitching on the leather seats.

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Four “Customer Private Lounges”, which are also fully digitalized, provide privacy for personal consultations and signing the sales agreement. In addition, guests in Paris are also treated for the first time to an “Audi Intelligence Lounge” for a relaxed stay in an exclusive atmosphere. In total, the world of Audi is presented in the Parisian cyberstore on an area covering around 350 square meters (3,767 sq ft).

Audi City Paris

As the pioneer in digital automotive retail, the premium manufacturer opened its first Audi City in London in 2012. Further locations with continuously enhanced technology followed in Beijing, Berlin and, just a few weeks ago, in Istanbul. The showroom concept combines digital innovation with the strengths of the stationary dealership and is an innovation lab for digitally connected retail activities at Audi.

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