Audi to challenge Tesla in Electric Range Race

When Tesla launched its Model S P85D, which boasted a range of 265 miles, the world went crazy. Tesla fans were claiming it to be the death blow to internal combustion, as there was no longer a need for the dated technology. People also felt that Tesla was leaps and bounds ahead of every other automaker in the world, in terms of electric tech.

However, many other auto companies are catching up very quickly, with Audi being one of the front-runners for such technology. And, because of these other more mainstream automakers having far more resources and manufacturing capabilities than Tesla, once they do catch up they will likely surpass the Silicon Valley giant. And people will choose cars like Audis and BMWs over Teslas because they have been making cars for far longer and just know how to make cars better.

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Audi e-tron Quattro Concept LA Auto Show

“For over 100 years, automobiles have always gotten better,” Stefan Niemand, head of Audi’s electric-car strategy, said on Thursday in Vienna. “Drivers won’t adopt electric cars if they’re seen as smaller, uglier and more expensive.”

Niemand flat out says that Tesla is behind brands like Audi, in terms of quality. “Tesla lacks experience with classical auto manufacturing,” he says with built quality, safety and technology in mind. “We have different experiences.”

That last part is important, saying that they two companies have different experiences. It’s quite true, though, as Audi has been around for about 80 years now and Tesla about 10. So Audi simply knows how to build a better car and once it masters EVs, Tesla better watch out. Especially because the four-ringed brand is working on a 315 mile ranged all-electric SUV with the motors from an Audi R8 e-tron.


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