Audi CEO says China sales decrease is only temporary

Audi’s CEO Rupert Stadler estimates the slowdown in China car sales is only temporary and will be back up in the near future.

Let’s take a break from the ongoing dieselgate scandal and focus on the Chinese market which for Audi isn’t that great nowadays as sales have been decreasing in the recent period. However, Stadler says this will all be over very soon and sales will once again increase to generate a nice profit for the company’s China division.

Audi A7 CN-spec
Audi A7 CN-spec

Stadler expressed his optimism during the Frankfurt Motor Show and said the annual demand for premium cars in general could grow from the current 9% to 12-15% a year in the near future. He based his assumption on the fact there are “enough affluent people who want to buy premium products” in a market where Audi is the top-selling premium marque.

China is a very important country for Audi as it’s their best-selling market and after several years of massive growth, year-on-year sales have went down for 4 consecutive months which has caused a 0.8% decrease in volume during the first 8 months of the year to 361,316 units.

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Audi A7 CN-spec
Audi A7 CN-spec

Rupert Stadler went on to specify Audi has to adjust its stock for China better and they also have to work on the CN-spec models more frequently than before, so expect Audi’s models sold in China to be facelifted and upgraded at a faster rate in order to keep up with the stronger competition.

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