Audi caught up in more diesel trouble, this time in Germany

When the entire Volkswagen Group was shocked with a hefty diesel scandal, the primary area affected was the North American market. In fact, it was the U.S. EPA that caught the issue. Since then, Audi has yet to be in trouble in its home country of Germany. Until now, that is.

As it turns out, the German Transport Ministry is forcing the four-ringed brand to recall about 24,000 Audi A7s and A8s built between 2009 and 2013. Most of the cars being recalled were sold in Germany and all in Europe, as it only affects 3.0 TDI diesel models, which we didn’t get ‘Stateside.

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Current-generation Audi A8

Apparently, just like in the U.S. emissions violations, the cars emit more nitrogen when the wheels are turned more than 15 degrees. The reason for emitting more when the wheels are turned is that the car then knows it’s not being tested. During emissions testing, the cars wheels are straight, as it’s on a machine indoors. So the software is programed to keep the emissions on the straight and narrow when the wheels are straight but if the steering wheel turns, it knows it isn’t being tested so it then reverts to cheating, powerful mode.

Audi has already issued the recall and is working closely with the KBA, Germany’s motor vehicle¬†authority. And, according to the German Transport Ministry, Audi has until June 12 to come up with a software fix for this diesel engine. That’s not a lot of time but you have to love how quickly the German government responded and how quickly this should turn around. It took forever for actions to be taken here, ‘Stateside.

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