Audi car sharing program launched for wealthy clientele

In Stockholm, Sweden and Berlin, Germany there’s a new Audi car sharing program tailored specifically to rich people. Audi Unite is the name of the program in Stockholm and is destined for groups of three or four people who agree to share a vehicle lease. They use a smartphone application to program who gets the car when and each will pay a monthly fee depending on the amount of car usage. The one in Berlin is entitled Audi Select and it’s different as instead of sharing one car, a customer has access to a bunch of Audis and rotates them over a 12-month period.

This isn’t exactly a novelty among premium automakers as Daimler has been doing something similar with their Car2Go one-way rental service while BMW has the DriveNow sharing venture consisting of electric vehicles selected by those who live in the city and find owning a vehicle impractical and/or expensive to own.

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The newly established Audi car sharing program is destined for a different target, for those who want a more versatile car offer and have the funds to pay for it. It should be specified that the aforementioned Audi Select in Berlin program is an alternative to a lengthy one-car ownership and can also be an interesting option for those who usually prefer to lease. Audi CEO Rupert Stadler rhetorically asked a question: Why should I drive the same car for three years in a row?”

Adrian Padeanu

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