Audi Canada shows Q3 creating its own parking spot

In the latest publicity stunt, Audi Canada decided to show the agility of the Q3 compact crossover in a parking garage. Finding an empty space to park your car can be a hassle nowadays as more and more vehicles are on the road and sometimes it’s virtually impossible to park the car when you reach your destination. Audi Canada has decided to show us the Q3 has what it takes to create its own parking spot.


Obviously for commercial purposes, the Audi Q3 showcased in the attached clip arrives in the evening at a parking garage and has trouble finding an empty spot. The driver decides to squeeze in near a Volkswagen Jetta by driving up the wall at an angle.

Although it might seem like a simple task to accomplish, pulling out this stunt required the use of a forklift by the production crew in order to raise the Q3 as they had to create a special cart which was placed underneath the crossover.

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After the cart was installed in the suitable position, the driver of the Audi Q3 was guided by the production crew into place to create the effect of a simple task, but in reality it required a lot of preparations and work.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.