What Do You Think About this Audi Camaro?

Some graphic artists like to go a bit nuts with renders, often times grafting the face of one car onto the body of another. It’s usually funny, almost always absurd and sometimes it’s actually intriguing. Most of the time, though, these silly renders actually take design elements from at least two different cars and merge them together. This one, on the other hand, just slaps on Audi badge on a Camaro. (We don’t actually own the image but you can see it here)


It’s literally just a photo of a 2020 Chevy Camaro SS with Audi’s four-ringed badge on the grille instead of a Chevy one. I’d say it actually doesn’t look but that’s just saying that the new Camaro doesn’t look bad. Which is true…

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Hell, they didn’t even take the “SS” badge off of the grille. So this is about as simple and lazy as a render gets but it’s hilarious because of that.

Closest Audi Design to a Camaro



What’s also sort of funny and irreverent about this render (is it even enough to call it that?) is that the Camaro is a front-engine, rear-wheel drive, two-door coupe with a six-speed manual transmission. Audi makes very two-door coupes and none of them are front-engine and rear-wheel drive. Admittedly, there’s the Audi S5, which is front engine but all-wheel drive (or front-wheel drive). There’s also the Audi R8 RWD but that’s mid-engine. So the Camaro is quite far from an Audi.

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We’ve seen some weird photos and combinations of cars over the years but this one might just be the silliest. There’s no point to it at all, as it’s just asking “what would it be like of Audi literally made a Camaro?”, which isn’t that intriguing of a question. However, there’s something strangely beautiful about its profound silliness that’s sort of endearing…


[Source: Jalopnik]
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