Audi building geothermal plant in Hungary

Audi has announced plans to build a geothermal plant near the company’s Gyor factory in Hungary. Construction will be completed in approximately 12 months and once it will be done it will be able to supply a minimum of 82,000 year megawatt hours of geothermal energy per year, thus covering about 60 percent of the total heat requirements of the Gyor assembly plant.

For this new project, Audi Hungaria has signed a technical partnership with local company DDEnergy and the energy generated will have a neutral CO2 effect. Moreover, Audi Hungaria will diminish its annual CO2 emissions footprint by an extra 19,800 tons. The company mentions the depth of the new well is of around 2,400 meters and it will require drilling of as much as two months. Once it’s completed, Audi will be able to get hot water which will have a temperature of 100 degree Celsius and is going to be pumped into the heating system.

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The drilling for the geothermal plant is done in Per and represents the starting point of the Gyor Geothermal Project and the geothermal resources obtained are going to be used for the industrial energy supply of the region. The ambitious project also encompasses the full development of a geothermal heating system, aside from the necessary wells.

Adrian Padeanu

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