Audi brings new allergen filter to cars this summer

If you’re like me, you hate this time of year, as pesky seasonal allergies can make life miserable. If you suffer from such allergies, getting into a pollen covered car in the morning can be an awful experience. Well, Audi is going to try and remedy this come June of 2016, just in time for Summer.

This June, Audi will be updating the allergen filter in its air conditioning system on all compact Audi models, such as the A1, A3, Q3 and TT models, while the new Q2 will come with the new filter as standard when it releases this summer. Current customers of such models can actually have their cars retrofitted with this new filter during their next scheduled service at a certified Audi dealership.

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Audi A3 Sportback g-tron

The filter is available in two versions, each of which comprises three layers. They work differently, however. What makes them special is the new outer carrier layer, which now features an additional anti-allergen effect. One variant reduces allergens by means of plant-derived, bioactive substances called polyphenols, which attach themselves to the receptors of the allergens. The other uses a modification of the protein structure to achieve the desired affect. Independent tests by specialized testing institutions such as SGS Fresenius, which investigates the allergenic properties, and Fiatec GmbH, which tests the filter properties, confirm the high effectiveness of the new Audi allergen filter.

The two layers present in existing filters also make a significant contribution to the high air quality in the interior. The filtration layer made up of special microfibers removes even the tiniest of particulates from the air. Gaseous impurities are trapped in the activated carbon layer.

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Audi Q2

This is a miracle for people like myself who suffer from severe seasonal allergies and absolutely need to use the air-con to get rid of them. Despite most new cars using allergen filters, they don’t always rid 100 percent of the allergens in the air, so knowing that Audi is working on a new filter that works better is very comforting.

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