Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz running costs compared

WhoCanFixMyCar website has conducted a comparison test regarding running costs for the three premium German marques: Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The car servicing comparison website collaborates with almost 5,000 garages across United Kingdom conducting approximately 4,000 repairs ever month.

According to their calculations, the quotes for Audi maintenance and repairs put the Ingolstadt-based automaker on top of the standings, with the average bill being 31 percent higher compared to a Mercedes-Benz and 19 percent more than for a BMW. The biggest difference in the average repair costs was between the A4 and C-Class as Audi’s model is a whopping 45 percent more expensive to repair.

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The most complex repair work among the three German automakers is done on Audis which is why the bills for their cars are usually higher. The study also revealed Mercedes-Benz models last longer before needing repairs, with problems usually appearing on cars that are at aleast 11-year-old while Audis need repair work when the cars are 5-10 years old. As for BMWs, these are somewhere between the other two so it’s in the 7-8 year interval.

All in all, the running costs for Audis are the biggest of the trio due to more complex repair work that usually occurs on newer cars. Mercedes-Benz vehicles tend to last longer before needing a fix while the BMWs are in the middle.

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via WhoCanFixMyCar.com and Mirror.co.uk

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