Audi bets on connected cars to boost sales in China

Audi has announced plans to introduce more connected cars in China as a measure to increase sales even further. Speaking at the inaugural edition of CES Asia, Audi’s CEO Rupert Stadler said “the connected car is a must” so it shouldn’t come as a surprise the company has already announced plans to integrate the CarLife technology into its cars commercialized in China. They are also developing a high-speed data module in collaboration with Huawei and according to Stadler their plan is to introduce a comprehensive connectivity strategy this year in China.

These measures make sense taking into account China is Audi’s biggest market as last year they managed to sell almost 580,000 units, representing a major 18% increase compared to 2013. Taking into account China has one of the world’s biggest rates of connected mobile devices (500+ million smartphone users), Audi obviously wants to profit from this so they plan on rolling out more connected cars with the latest developments in infotainment systems.

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Audi R8 e-tron piloted driving concept

Another reason why Audi is focusing on making their cars more high-tech for the Chinese market is because their customers over there are far younger compared to other regions of the world. For example, the average Audi buyer from China is 36 years old while the average customers in Europe and United States are in their 50s.

via Wall Street Journal

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