Audi believes they will stay ahead of Mercedes in luxury sales battle

During an interview given to Automobilwoche, Audi’s CEO Rupert Stadler expressed his confidence that the Ingolstadt-based automaker is going to stay in front of Mercedes-Benz as far as global luxury sales are concerned for 2014. This is a rather interesting statement taking into account the three-pointed star company is greatly expanding its portfolio which will significantly boost sales in the months to come.

Although Audi doesn’t have a high-volume model in the pipeline, Rupert Stadler said the company is currently undergoing its biggest internalization and investment ever, with plans to spend no less than 22 billion euros by 2018 in the development of new models as well as in production facilities. He added the company opened up two factories last year in Foshan, China and in Gyor, Hungary while in 2016 they plan to inaugurate a plant in Mexico.

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Rupert Stadler isn’t worried about falling into third place in the luxury sales battle after BMW and Mercedes-Benz because they established fifty extra shifts at their Germany factories which means production is strong at this moment. In addition, Audi’s CEO declared the company has doubled its deliveries in the last decade and compared to 20 years ago sales increased four times, culminating with last year when they delivered 1.6 million vehicles.

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