Audi Avants could come to America if we keep bothering Audi

It’s almost a running joke at this point, that Audi doesn’t sell any of its fun wagons here in America. Europe gets all the great Avants while we’re stuck here with the pseudo-rugged A4 Allroad. There’s good reason for that, though, and it’s the fact that Audi just flat-out doesn’t think Audi Avants will sell well in America. And if a regular Audi A4 Avant won’t sell well here, then an Audi RS4 Avant certainly won’t. Which is why we have to keep pestering Audi about it and convince the brass that these cars will sell here.

Filip Brabec, VP of Product Management for Audi of America recently told Motor Trend. “We always look at potential new opportunities in the market. It’s a niche to explore,” with that niche being Audi Avants. “We keep holding discussions. Keep writing us letters.” That sounds encouraging. And it’s true. Audi, as well as any other automaker, will sell whatever, wherever, so long as it will actually sell. So if there’s a growing demand for fast wagons in America, enough that the top brass at Audi feels it’s worth the investment, we’ll get fast Audi Avants here in the ‘States.

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Although, Michael Renz, Head of Audi Sport, might feel that there just isn’t the market here. “The RS6 and RS4 Avants are well accepted in Europe,” he said. “In the U.S., it might be a different situation.” What’s encouraging, though, is that Renz seems to feel that both Avants and Sportback models have their own purpose and customer. Which makes us think that the new RS5 Sportback’s existence won’t hinder the potential future existence of an American Audi RS4 Avant.

“The Sportback offers more image than the Avant. There is a clear hierarchy,” said Renz. “The Sportback is for young families who are looking for a sporty, fashion-oriented car with functionality that they can put the kids in. The Avant customer is a little bit older, more entrepreneurial.”

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So there’s clearly a demand for both cars from different demographics. Hopefully enough Audi fans write letters and emails to Audi of America that the folks in Ingolstadt will send some of their best cars across the Atlantic. We just have to keep bothering Audi. I think we can do that.

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