Audi Autonomous Driving Cup winner announced

The winners of inaugural Audi Autonomous Driving Cup have been announced this past weekend. The €10,000 grand prize will be going to Munich to students of the local Technical University as their team won the contest and managed to beat nine other teams. Around 50 students were given the opportunity to configure 1:8 scale models of the Audi Q5 to show off piloted driving technology.

According to Audi, the team from the Technical University of Munich convinced “convinced the jury with the precise way in which it mastered the difficult driving tasks in the final stage.” In second place came the students from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology who won €5,000 while the last place on the podium was occupied by the students from the University of Freiburg who went home with €1,000.

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Audi Autonomous Driving Cup
Audi Autonomous Driving Cup

The 2015 Audi Autonomous Driving Cup was the venue where the scale models were tested on a 300-square meter area. All teams received the uniform basic software from Audi and over the past six months they had to build their own software that would be capable of autonomously drive the car. All Q5 scale models were powered by an electric motor providing a top speed of 40 km/h.

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