Audi Autonomous Driving Cup final is today

The inaugural edition of the Audi Autonomous Driving Cup will host the final today in the Audi museum mobile. About 50 students from Germany are taking part in the competition and most of them come from universities where they study informatics, electrical/electronic engineering as well as mechanical engineering. For the final, ten teams from universities in Germany have qualified and all of them have received last fall model cars from Audi.

These are Audi Q5 models built on a 1:8 scale and equipped with an electric motor granting a top speed of 40 km/h. All model cars come with a complex camera along with several infrared and ultrasonic sensors similar to what Audi is using in their road-going series production cars. All participants have also received uniform basic software and during the last six months they had to create their own software architecture necessary to evaluate the data obtained from the camera and sensors, as well as interpret the situation and based on that control the car.

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Audi Autonomous Driving Cup
Audi Autonomous Driving Cup

For the Audi Autonomous Driving Cup final in Ingolstadt, students will have to demonstrate the effectiveness of their software on a 300 square meter area. The scale models will have to prove how they can react to oncoming traffic as well as when reaching a crossroad. The main goal is to finish the course as fast as possible and without any mistakes.

First place will get €10,000, second gets €5,000 while third spot receives a €1,000 prize.

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