Audi Australia Offering Five-Year Warranty, But You Need To Hurry

Some say the warranty offered by an automaker is a reflection of its products. While that may not be necessarily true, there’s no denying a long, full warranty offers that peace of mind everybody wants. Audi Australia has some good news to share in that regard as new cars will come bundled with a five-year warranty with unlimited miles. That said, you might want to get your finances in order and act fast as the offer will only last until the end of June. After that, it will get back to the usual three-year coverage.

According to Car Advice, the offer is available “across a significant number of vehicles” and also includes five years of free scheduled servicing. Speaking with the Australian magazine, Audi’s local corporate communications manager, Shaun Cleary, said: “there are no plans to offer [a five-year warranty] permanently at the moment, but we’re always monitoring the market.”

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Audi Australia is not the only premium car manufacturer to hop on the five-year warranty bandwagon Down Under as Mercedes and Genesis have taken similar measures but as permanent offerings. Volvo will allegedly do the same shortly, while Jaguar Land Rover is currently testing the waters also with a five-year warranty with unlimited miles.

In Australia, luxury brands such as Porsche, Alfa Romeo, and BMW offer three-year warranties with unlimited miles. As for Lexus, customers benefit from a four-year warranty but are limited to 100,000 kilometers (62,137 miles).

On a side note, Audi Australia is happy to announce existing customers with warranties that have expired since March 1 or will expire until the end of the month can benefit from warranty extensions.

Much like other companies, Audi’s Australian arm has established an online sales system. Launched earlier this month, the platform is a permanent fixture, meaning it will remain operational in the post-COVID-19 era. At the moment of writing, there are nearly 2,500 cars available on the online sales platform, from an A1 Sportback priced at 37,019 AUD to an A8 available for 331,639 AUD.

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