Audi announces V6 3.0 TDI Clean Diesel engine

Most likely just about all Audi aficionados have heard about the trustworthy and reliable V6 3.0-liter TDI engine which today just got a comprehensive revision. Revealed at the Vienna Motor Symposium in Austria, the turbodiesel six-cylinder engine has received the “clean diesel” suffix because compared to the old generation it emits 15 less grams per 100 km while at the same time lowering fuel consumption by a significant 13 percent.

Aside from being more frugal than its predecessor, the motor meets the stringent Euro 6 emission standards which will come into effect from September 1 this year. This power unit has a 90-degree bank angle, a displacement of 2,967cc and will be offered with two different power outputs: 218 PS (160 kW) and 272 PS (200 kW).

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Depending on the model in which it will be installed, Audi’s V6 3.0-liter TDI Clean Diesel engine will generate a peak torque of up to 600 Nm (442 lb-ft). This high-torque version will probably find its way under the hood of the second generation Q7 slated to come according to Audi before the end of next year although according to some rumors the full-size SUV will see the light of day sometime this year. Needless to say, it will effectively replace the old version so all the cars that were offered with that motor will get the new one.

Adrian Padeanu

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