Audi announces Matrix Laser headlights

Audi has announced they are currently developing matrix laser headlights which will eventually find their way inside a production model. They say this new technology is going to provide an “even finer dynamic resolution” compared to the company’s existing matrix LED headlight system and these new laser-based technology will have blue laser diodes projecting their light on a rapidly moving mirror which is only 3mm in size.

The mirror will direct the incoming blue laser light to a converter that takes care of transforming it into white light that after that is projected onto the road. Audi promises these matrix laser headlights can offer precisely distributed illumination. The mirror is developed by Bosch is a micro-optical system with an electro-mechanical control and uses silicon technology which grants a long lifespan.

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Audi Matrix Laser
Audi Matrix Laser

On the announcement of matrix laser headlights, Audi is reminding us of their breakthroughs in automotive lighting technology:

2003: Audi A8 with adaptive light

2004: Audi A8 W12 with LED daytime running lights

2008: Audi R8 with all-LED headlights

2010: Audi A8 in which the headlights are networked with the navigation data

2012: Audi R8 with dynamic turn signal lights

2013: Audi A8 with Matrix LED headlights

2014: Audi R8 LMX with LaserSpot for the high-beam lamps

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