Audi announces €104 million investment at Gyor factory

Audi’s Gyor factory in Hungary will receive a €104 million investment in the near future. The reveal was made by the country’s foreign minister, Peter Szijjarto, and he also said that €19 million of the total investment is going to be provided by the local government. More importantly, 380 jobs will be added in Gyor where Audi produces the A3 sedan and cabrio as well as the TT coupe and roadster. In addition, this is where engines are made for many a plethora of models sold by VAG.

Last year, Audi’s Gyor factory in Hungary produced 135,232 vehicles and no less than 1.97 million engines. It will be interesting to see whether this significant investment has to do with adding brand new models to the assembly line, such as the rumored TT crossover (TTQ) and a four-door version of the TT (TT Sportback).

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2015 Audi TT Roadster
2015 Audi TT Roadster

Audi announced at the beginning of the month their Gyor factory made around three million diesel engines of the EA189 type that came with the controversial defeat device designed to effectively enable the cars cheat during official emission testing. This caused some concern regarding the factory’s future, but now we know that everything will be ok at this production location.

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