Audi announces classic car lineup for Goodwood FoS

The Audi Tradition lineup of classic car models has been announced for this year’s edition of the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Approximately 200,000 spectators are expected at the event which runs from June 26 until 28 where Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason will be there with a 1939 Auto Union Type D twin-supercharged model. It was the very last development stage of the Auto Union Silver Arrow before the Second World War and it managed to win the French and Yugoslavian Grand Prix back in 1939 thanks to its 485 hp twelve-cylinder engine.

In addition, the Audi Tradition lineup of classic car and motorcycle models will also include a 1955 NSU Sportmax 250cc motorcycle driven by Ralf Waldmann who won more than 20 races throughout his entire career and he also was a two-time motorcycle world championship runner-up. This motorcycle was developed specifically for private racers after the Audi predecessor brand NSU had wound up in the works team in 1954 while still being world champion.

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Hermann Paul Müller on his NSU Sportmax in 1955
Hermann Paul Müller on his NSU Sportmax in 1955

A year later, Hermann Paul Müller won the motorcycle world championship as a private racer with a Sportmax.

Another motorcycle set to become a sensation at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed is a very rare NSU SS 500 Supersport aka “NSU Bullus.” It got this nickname in 1930 when the motorcycle driven by English racer Tom Bullus took the win at the German Grand Prix.

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