Audi animation details matrix LED headlights for new TT

Audi has released an animation detailing how the matrix LED headlights work in the third generation TT. It’s without any doubt one of the most interesting features of the model and as Audi says, this lighting technology is “far from just making a dramatic statement” as the optional system has the ability of automatically adjusting to the vehicle’s surroundings.

Thanks to the implementation of sensors and built-in camera, the matrix LED headlights can detect rear & oncoming lights of traffic participants as well as the ambient light of the road. Once it does this, it will automatically dip individual LEDs as a measure to prevent dazzle while the other LEDs continue to illuminate the rest of the road.

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Audi’s matrix LED headlights can work in collaboration with the TT’s optional navigation data to anticipate corners and then adjusting the LEDs accordingly. The end result provides a significantly bigger visual range which not only helps the driver but also other cars in traffic. Moreover, the new Audi TT also comes with dynamic LED indicators for both front and rear lights.

In United Kingdom, you can get the third generation Audi TT with LED headlights if you are willing to pay an extra £1,695 while the more advanced matrix LED headlights cost £2,375. In Germany, LEDs cost €1,220 while matrix LEDs are available for €2,140.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.