Audi and Volkswagen can still sell used violating TDI models

After the massive diesel scandal that ripped through the Volkswagen Group, affecting Audi and Porsche as well, which saw many diesel engines failing to comply with many federal requirements. This saw the Volkswagen Group receive heavy fines and a stop-sale on all new and Certified Pre-Owned TDI vehicles that violate EPA regulations. However, this isn’t stopping Volkswagen and Audi dealerships from selling used TDI vehicles.

There’s a small loophole that Volkswagen and Audi have, exploited is the wrong word, been able to use. Actually, it’s not necessarily Volkswagen and Audi that are doing it, but the dealerships themselves. If someone trades in their violating VW or Audi TDI vehicle for something else, the dealership can sell that car so long as it isn’t part of the Certified Pre-Owned program. Neither Volkswagen or Audi recommend this and actually claim it to be a bad idea to buy one of these vehicles.

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2014 Audi Q5 TDI
2014 Audi Q5 TDI

Now, in many cases, there’s no real issue with buying one of these violating used TDI vehicles. They will still be required to visit dealerships for all necessary recalls and any other state requirements. However, certain states require these vehicles to be completely remedied and retested for their emissions to comply before they can be re-registered. So in some states, buying one of these vehicles isn’t possible.

It’s an interesting loophole, but one that may work out quite well for some customers. For potential customers in states that allow these vehicles to be registered and driven, it’s likely that there are some great used deals on the market. Many people who bought new TDI models within the past year or two traded their vehicles in so they could get out of their emissions-failing TDI. These vehicles probably have few miles on them, are still in good shape and very new and are probably being sold for very cheap, as dealerships need to get rid of these cars quickly and not many people are lining up to buy them.

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If you’re in the market for one of these used diesels, do your research on your state’s laws and regulations and be very aware of the potential pitfalls of owning one of these violating TDI models.

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