Audi and Marvel turn backseat into Virtual Reality experience at CES

Just recently, Audi announced that it would be showing off some interesting in-car entertainment technologies at the 2019 CES (Consumer Electronics Show). The idea was to allow passengers to enjoy movies or television while the car was autonomously driving itself. Now we know that Audi wants to turn the backseat of an autonomous Audi e-tron into a Virtual Reality experience.

Essentially, there will be VR glasses in the back seat of the Audi that rear passengers can use. As the car turns in real life, the virtual reality experience is affected. For instance, in one of the experiences where players fly spaceships, as the car turns left, the spaceship turns left as well.

To help create this experience, Audi has co-founded a new tech startup called holoride GmbH, which will commercialize this experience via an open platform that will be made available to all other automakers and content developers.

“Creative minds will use our platform to come up with fascinating worlds that turn the journey from A to B into a real adventure,” said Nils Wollny, head of Digital Business at Audi, and future CEO of holoride. “We can only develop this new entertainment segment by adopting a cooperative, open approach for vehicle, device and content producers.”

Helping to create an immersive VR experience at CES, Audi once again teamed up with Marvel. Audi and Marvel have a bit of a long-term partnership, ever since Tony Stark stormed onto the screen in the original R8 back in 2008. Now, Audi and Marvel present an in-car virtual reality experience called “Marvel’s Avengers: Rocket’s Rescue Run”.

In Rocket’s Rescue Run, passengers wear the VR glasses to become transported into outer space, riding on Rocket Raccoon’s space ship through an asteroid field. In this experience, every move of the e-tron corresponds in the VR spaceship. So if the e-tron turns right, Rocket’s ship turns right. If the e-tron accelerates, so too does the ship. Though, we’re wondering if this might spoil a major plot point of the upcoming film, Avengers: Endgame.

“Audi, Marvel and Disney Games and Interactive Experiences are celebrating Marvel Studios’ 10th anniversary with an Avengers experience that combines world class content and innovative technology,” said Mike Goslin, Vice President, Disney Games and Interactive Experiences. “While this CES demo was developed purely in the spirit of exploration and experimentation, we are constantly evaluating emerging technologies to enhance our stories and experiences.”

We’re very excited to see what becomes of this, even if does end up spoiling the movie.

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