Audi and Huawei to cooperate on Intelligent Connected Vehicles

With vehicle automation on the cusp of the mainstream, cars must begin to become more and more connected. Connected to their customers, their infrastructure and to data. To do so, many automakers are joining forces with tech and communication giants to work together on creating more connected, more intelligent cars. Audi has just signed a memorandum of cooperation with Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications giant, solely for the development of intelligent, connected vehicles.

“We are intensifying our joint research with Huawei in the area of Intelligent Connected Vehicles,” explained Saad Metz, Executive Vice President of Audi China, adding: “Our aim is to improve safety and optimize traffic flows in order to create intelligent cities. The concepts will initially be concentrated on the Chinese market.”

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To become autonomous, or even just to have advanced autonomous driving aids, cars must be able to diagnose and read information far more quickly than they currently do. And they must be able to send that information back to databases, so other cars can learn from it, equally as quickly. To do so, connectivity must be improved.

“We are entering a new era of Intelligent Connected Vehicles that will see the emergence of new technological synergies between information and communications technology and the automotive industries,” commented Veni Shone, President of LTE Solution, Huawei, adding: “With increased innovation in mobile connectivity, Huawei is committed to transforming the driving experience.”

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Last year, Audi worked with Huawei to develop LTE-V, a special LTE data connection designed specifically for connected vehicles. It was the first automaker to do so and it continues to push the envelope. With technologies such as V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure), which includes the now-famous Traffic Light Information system, Audi is on the cutting edge of what’s possible in a connected car. This new partnership with Huawei will only increase that.

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