Audi and BMW engage in fun Twitter beef

Audi and BMW are not afraid to take verbal jabs at one another in jest. There was a famous and funny billboard battle between the two brands many years ago. Now, though, the modern day billboard is social media and Audi and BMW are back at it, this time on Twitter.

In a recent tweet from BMW, there was a picture of a Yas Marina Blue BMW M4 sitting in front of some circles of light. Audi commented on the photo, saying “When you see it…”, clearly pointing out that the circles of light behind the M4 sort of made the four-ringed Audi logo. To be honest, Audi’s Twitter game is always strong, with smart, funny tweets. Whoever runs its Twitter needs a raise.

Not to be outdone in public, BMW fired back, tweeting “We see it, where we usually do…in the rear view mirror.” Shots fired indeed. Unfortunately, that’s where it’s ended for the moment. We wish Audi would fire back, then BMW and on and on because it’s genuinely fun to see two big automotive companies having a bit of a Twitter beef.

The best part of this is the fact that both brands actually seem to have respect for each other. Despite being direct competitors, both brands respect each other’s game. So these two can play nice as well as play rough and that’s what’s so fun about this. It’s friendly ribbing among two respectful rivals. Plus, the two brands are Bavarian neighbors, with Audi being from Ingolstadt and BMW hailing from Munich.

While this particular joke may have run its course, we hope the two brands keep at it. So c’mon, give us some more fun.

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Nico DeMattia

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