Audi of America wins Annual Audi Twin Cup Challenge

Audi of America’s technicians and service consultants have managed to triumph in the 2014 Annual Twin Cup Challenge. The Audi Service World Cup was created to test the company’s best service and technical experts from all over the world and in this year’s edition no less than 75 teams from 28 countries participated in the finals.

Audi of America managed to secure this year’s challenge organized in Neuburg, Germany last weekend. The difficult competition focused in the areas of repair, diagnostics as well as customer support, with Audi of America taking the win with the following team: Matthew Kelley from Audi Chandler, Nicholas Smith from Hoehn Audi, Michael Sabia from Danbury Audi, Sean Loftus from Barrier Audi, Larry Laing from Sunset Audi and Aaron Klimchuk from Audi Silver Spring.

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All six team members who triumphed in the Annual Audi Twin Cup Challenge had to complete the Audi Academy certification requirements in their job category and they also went through a three-round elimination testing process. Online testing covered the first and second rounds of testing while for the third and final round the participants had to show their hands-on practical skills. It should be mentioned that all dealerships featuring a service contract with Audi AG have the possibility of competing in the contest.

In the 2014 Annual Audi Twin Cup Challenge, more than 7,800 consultants and technicians participated, with Germany taking second place and China on the third spot.

Adrian Padeanu

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