Audi of America to offer Goodwill Package to affected A3 TDI owners

Audi of America has disclosed plans to provide a Goodwill Package to owners of the A3 TDI fitted with the illegal software.

The news doesn’t really come as a surprise to us taking into account Volkswagen of America announced the same thing at the beginning of the month. So, what do you get? For starters, there’s a $500 Visa gift card that you can spend anywhere, a $500 Audi Dealership gift card which as the name implies can be used only at an Audi dealership, along with three years of free 24-hour road assistance.

While this is good news indeed for U.S. customers, the Volkswagen Group’s European buyers are out of luck as the company has announced they won’t offer any sort of compensations on the old continent. Instead, VAG has promises to pay all the CO2 tax differences the clients will likely be incurred.

We remind you that in United States the Dieselgate refers to various VWs and Audis fitted with the 2.0 TDI engine, but in Europe the software has also been installed on the smaller 1.2 TDI and 1.6 TDI motors. Moreover, now VAG has to deal with the problems discovered on the larger V6 3.0 TDI in United States available on models such as the Audi A6, A7, A8 / A8 L, Q5 and Q7, along with the Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Touareg. Don’t be too surprised if owners of these cars will also receive a Goodwill Package at some point.

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