Audi Allroad wearing Vorsteiner V-FF 102 Flow Forged Wheels

The Audi Allroad isn’t a particular favorite among Audi enthusiasts, as it’s this weird cross between an Audi Avant and a small crossover that ends up being neither, really. However, that’s not to say it’s a bad car, as it serves its purpose. Anyone who lives in an area with harsh weather or rough terrain could use the Allroad’s higher ride height and tougher body work. But what makes the Allroad more rugged and useful for such environments ends up making it look worse.


That’s exactly what the owner of this Audi Allroad felt and the exact reason why they went to Vorsteiner to help fix their problem. To help them, Vorsteiner fitted its V-FF 102 Flow Forged Wheels. The V-FF 102 wheels look fantastic on this Audi Allroad, adding the perfect amount of style to an otherwise utilitarian looking car. These particular wheels are finished in Mercury Silver and are 20 percent lighter than the comparable cast wheel. Weight is the enemy of all things automotive, so reducing the unsprung rotating mass of the car’s heavier stock wheels will help give this Allroad better performance, a better ride and better capability on rough terrain as well as making it look so much better.

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All Vorsteiner wheels look good, but these dished high-spoke V-FF 102 Flow Forged 20″ wheels look fantastic on this Audi Allroad. They were the perfect choice of wheel for this car and the owner should be incredibly happy.

Nico DeMattia

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