Audi AI:TRAIL Quattro: Electric Off-Roader to debut at Frankfurt Motor Show

The 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show is less than a month away and it’s going to show off some very exciting new cars. There will be a new Lamborghini hypercar and even a new Volkswagen logo on hand in Frankfurt. There will also be a new concept car from Audi and it will be an interesting one: the Audi AI:TRAIL Quattro.

It’s a bit of an odd name but the Audi AI:TRAIL Quattro will be an all-electric off roader that will potentially have some very advanced autonomous driving tech. Little is known about the AI:TRAIL at the moment, as Audi has only released a teaser image of it and a short description: “Audi is showing the concept study for an electrically driven off-roader of the future.”

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Now that description only claims it to be an electric off-roader and not an autonomous one, plus we can see a steering wheel in the teaser photo. However, it does wear the “AI” name and, so far, that name as only been reserved for advanced autonomous concepts, like the AI:ME and the Audi Aicon. This new Audi AI:TRAIL is apparently the last of these “AI” visions for the future.

From the teaser photo, it looks like the Audi AI:TRAIL Quattro is goign to be a jacked up, off-road, refined little buggy of some sort. It’s not quite as rugged looking as the awesome Volkswagen I.D. Buggy but it does look like a buggy, just an enclosed, luxurious one. In the photo, it almost looks like the car is missing its bumpers but even if that’s the case it’s going to have extremely short overhangs, which is great for off-roading. It also has a super low window line, lending it massive amounts of glass and outward visibility, also great for off-roading. Combine that with its massive wheels and chunky tires and the AI:TRAIL looks like a fun little off-roader.

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This is an odd little concept car but it’s one we’re excited to see next month and it’s one that we hope Audi actually has plans to product in the future. If the latter comes true, though, it’s going to need a better name than Audi AI:TRAIL Quattro.

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