Audi AI:RACE Live Photos from 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

While many members of the press were gawking at the jaw-dropping Audi RS7 Sportback or the quirky/awesome Audi AI:TRAIL, there was another concept car from Audi at the 2019 IAA which might have been the best of the bunch — the Audi AI:RACE.

Formerly known as the Audi PB18 e-tron, the Audi AI:RACE is the brand’s concept hypercar for the future. Even back when it was simply known as the PB18 (for Pebble Beach 2018, where it first debuted), the Audi AI:RACE turned heads. It’s a stunning piece of design and one that would easily be one of the coolest looking cars on the road the moment it went into production.

More than that, though, it’s an incredible idea. Using three electric motors, it has a combined power output of 670 hp and 612 lb-ft. That might not sound like a lot anymore, now that the Porsche Taycan has 750 hp, but it’s enough to get the AI:RACE from 0-60 mph in less than three seconds. It’s also said to have around 310 miles of range and 800-volt charging capabilities, allowing it to charge fully in just fifteen minutes. As an idea, it sounds just about perfect.

What’s interesting about the Audi AI:RACE is that it’s not supposed to be and autonomous commuter machine, like most modern concepts. Instead, it’s designed for the driver. In fact, Audi reps claimed it has “Level 0” autonomy, meaning that it’s a driver’s car that’s meant to actually be driven.

Speaking of driving, the AI:RACE actually has a sliding driver’s seat, allowing the driver to sit in the center of the car if they so choose. Having that center seat not only looks cool but it helps for driving, especially on track where you can really push it. Similar to the McLaren F1, one of the finest supercars ever made.

There’s no official word on whether or not the Audi AI:RACE will actually ever exist but we sincerely hope so.

Check the photo gallery below.

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