Audi aims to raise sales in China

China is rapidly becoming one of the more important markets for Audi. The Chinese market is possibly the largest automotive market in the world and Audi needs to start selling more vehicles there. Audi knows this and intends for the upcoming B9 A4 to be the car to do it.

The slowing economy and falling stocks in China are making things difficult for automakers the world over. So to make luxury cars more appealing to the Chinese market, Audi must focus on lighter and more efficient cars, like the A4, if it wants to survive in China. “The A4 is a crucial pillar of our global growth strategy,” said Jens Kotnik, Audi Product Manager. “It’s a key model for Audi, especially in our main markets China, Europe and North America.”

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Chinese Market Audi A4L
Chinese Market Audi A4L

Audi’s newest A4 will debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September will need it to be a big hit. The Chinese market accounts for anywhere between 30-50 percent of profits for German luxury car companies. So when the A4 debuts next month, Audi is hoping for a big buzz in China.


The problem is, according to the research firm, IHS Automotive, Audi is looking at some stiff competition from BMW, Mercedes and even Chinese companies like Beijing Auto and Dongfeng. With the stiff competition, Audi is looking at a 2 percent sales increase next year, according to IHS, while BMW’s sales are projected to 6.7 percent and Mercedes a whopping 61 percent. So while Audi is debuting a new A4, which will be lighter, bigger and more efficient, it still faces an uphill battle.

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