Audi aiming for podium finish at Spa 24 Hours

Audi has announced its intentions to achieve a podium finish at this year’s edition of Spa 24 Hours. They already won two 24-hour endurance races earlier this year at Le Mans (June 14 and 15) and a week later at the Nürburgring so naturally they want to repeat this achievement on July 26 and 27 at Spa 24 Hours. Four teams will use the Audi R8 LMS ultra in what will be the biggest GT3 race in the world with no less than 60 entrants all aiming for the win.

Audi will have to face fierce competition coming from reputable automakers such as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, McLaren, Lamborghini, BMW, Jaguar, Ferrari and Nissan – all of which will enter the GT3 class. We remind you Audi triumphed in 2011’s race with the R8 LMS and a year later they scored a one-two finish in the Ardennes while last year André Lotterer/Christopher Mies/Frank Stippler crossed the finish line on the third place.

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After pre-qualifying, qualifying and an obligatory night qualifying session on Thursday, the first 20 positions on the grid are going to be awarded in Friday’s super pole shootout. The start of the Spa 24 Hours race is programmed for Saturday at 16:30 (CEST).

Here are Audi’s customer teams in the 2014 Spa 24 Hours:

Belgian Audi Club Team WRT
1 René Rast/Laurens Vanthoor/Markus Winkelhock (D/B/D)
2 Marcel Fässler/André Lotterer/Benoît Tréluyer (CH/D/F)
3 Christopher Mies/James Nash/Frank Stippler (D/GB/D)
4 Jean-Luc Blanchemain/Fred Bouvy/Christian Kelders/Vincent Radermecker (F/B/B/B)
Team Parker Racing
22 Ian Loggie/Leonid Machitski/Carl Rosenblad/Julian Westwood (GB/RUS/S/GB)
Saintéloc Racing
25 Jean-Paul Buffin/Claude-Yves Gosselin/Philippe Haezebrouck/Marc Rostan (F/F/F/F)
26 Grégory Guilvert/Stéphane Ortelli/Edward Sandström (F/MC/S)
75 Marc Basseng/Fabian Hamprecht/Filip Salaquarda (D/D/CZ)

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