Audi AI:ME shows off the future of mobility at CES 2020

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is quickly becoming one of the most important automotive shows of the year. While it’s not just a car show, in fact it’s far more of a tech show and cars are just a small part, it’s now becoming even more important than some other dedicated North American car shows. In fact, having spoken with several automotive execs about it over the past couple of years, only the LA Auto Show and New York Auto Show are more important to the auto industry than CES. Among the impressive new automotive debuts at this year’s CES 2020 was the Audi AI:ME, the brand’s latest autonomous concept car.


To be honest, the Audi AI:ME isn’t entirely new, as we’ve seen it before. However, this is the most in-depth we’ve ever seen it. At CES today, Audi showed off the car’s new interior design and some of it’s very impressive technology, including an interior eye-tracking system that allows passengers to select certain features simply by looking at them.

Audi at CES Las Vegas 2020


There’s also a sort passenger wellness feature, which allows occupants to wear VR goggles and use them take virtual flights through the clouds, or something equally soothing. All while the car drives itself, as it’s supposed to be fully autonomous.


It even has a cool 3D Mixed-Reality Head-Up display and it will also illuminate the cabin in a light blue/white light to keep you awake if you’re getting sleepy. The idea behind all of that is to allow the Audi AI:ME to soothe passengers and act as a third living space, in addition to their home and work.


Obviously, this concept is quite a long way away, as fully-autonomous cars aren’t even close to hitting the market. However, this is an interesting concept and one that shows off an autonomous future that actually seems desirable.

Nico DeMattia

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