Audi AICON featured in Westworld Season III Trailer

Audis have been featured in a lot of big-budget blockbusters, with the most famous being Marvel films, as Tony Stark’s personal favorite brand. Not only Stark drive the original Audi R8 back in 2008’s Iron Man but he also drove the Audi e-tron GT in the latest film, Avengers: Endgame. However, Audi isn’t done with sci-fi, as the autonomous concept Audi AICON was recently seen in the recent trailer for Westworld Season III.


Seen at around the 1:30 mark, you can see the back of the Audi AICON on the street, with some massive trucks driving alongside it, seemingly with ill-intent. Then again at the 2:24, we see the same AICON with a motorcycle driving next to it.

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We don’t really know the context of these scenes, who’s driving the AICON or why. It seems like the Audi is a main character’s personal car but, then again, it’s Westworld. Not even the cast knows what the hell’s going on.


Either way, it’s cool to see a new electric, high-tech Audi being featured in some more big-budget television. Westworld is one of the biggest and most interesting series’ on TV at the moment and not I’m even more excited to watch season three.


The Audi AICON is a fully-electric, supposedly fully-autonomous concept car that was shown a year or so ago. We saw it in person at the launch of the Audi e-tron and it also popped back up at CES 2020. It’s an interesting take on the future of the automobile, without even a steering wheel or pedals on the inside.


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Being fully-autonomous, the AICON needs neither and can essentially be a moving relaxation pod for passengers. It looks good on the outside and has a really cool, calm and futuristic interior. We hope we get to see its cabin in the show, with maybe some naked robot people fighting each other inside of it…

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